June 7, 2023

The Modern Warfare 2 beta preload is causing problems for some Call of Duty players trying to install Activision and Infinity Ward FPS via Battle.net and Steam, as the PC beta launches today, September 22.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta has been available to Playstation users since September 16, but is scheduled to expand to PC and Xbox players who have pre-ordered the game starting September 22 at 10AM PST. While the exact size of the PC beta hasn’t been announced, it’s 25GB on PS5 and 35GB on PS4, so it’s likely to be just as massive on Battle.net and Steam. Beta preloads were made available on September 20, but some Call of Duty fans reported that Modern Warfare 2 was not yet available on Battle.net or Steam despite pre-ordering it.

“I pre-ordered MW2 last night so I could preload the beta,” wrote one CoD fan. “It doesn’t show up as one of my games in the Battle.net launcher, so I can’t preload the beta. When I go to the MW2 page on the store and try to repurchase it, it says I already own it. It even shows up in I recently made a transaction through my account and bank. I submitted a ticket, but they just said to wait until the game is actually released before trying to install it, but as you may know, the PC beta will start on Thursday.”

“I had the same problem as above,” another player reported. “Even though the store page says I own the game, the game doesn’t show up in my library. I’ve opened a support ticket and all they did was tell me to contact Activision and say my ‘code’ You can work tomorrow.”

Other players have suggested various possible fixes, including uninstalling and reinstalling the Battle.net launcher, or clicking the plus sign at the top of the Battle.net game bar to add Modern Warfare 2 to Favorites, which may in some cases Grants access to preload options. However, this doesn’t seem to work in all cases. “I don’t even have the option to add it to favorites,” one player replied. “It’s not listed in my Olympics. It’s not the most popular option, but it shows I have it when I try to pre-order it.”

Similar issues have been reported by users who purchased Modern Warfare 2 on Steam. “same here,” write a, in response to other players’ concerns about not being able to preload. “It’s weird that I can see its Steam page and if I actually pre-order it there. I thought it would be okay.”

PCGamesN has reached out to Activision Blizzard regarding this issue and will update this story with any information it provides.

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