April 2, 2023

It’s been a rough start for Madden 23 this year. Past Madden games have been known to contain quite a few bugs and glitches at launch, but EA does tend to fix these issues quickly. Earlier this month, we reported on the arena pass issue, and now some in the Madden NFL community seem to be reaching a boiling point. Many creators — large and small in the Madden community — have come together to freeze payouts with the hashtag #packstrike.

Many well-known Madden and MUT content creators, including Zirksee, Mills and Gutfoxx, have called on EA to make changes on a number of issues.

These needs are largely focused on making sure that everything the player spends actually makes sense. Zirksee, in particular, suggests improving Rerolls so players can spend training points and make sure that those who do spend on the biggest bundles actually get all the parts they need. Also, these guys are also pushing for a rework of the BND system so that these items can go into collections instead of getting stuck in your binder.

As mentioned, this isn’t the first issue that has cropped up since Madden 23 launched last month. A few weeks ago, EA ran into a lot of questions about how it wasn’t tracking the cumulative stats for the Arena Pass. This eventually led to the temporary door of the MUT, but the problem was resolved after a few hours. However, good incentives for the gate and its reasons were delayed a few weeks later.

However, those issues haven’t stopped Madden NFL 23 sales. The NPD Group released its August video game industry sales figures this week, and Madden 23 was the top game of the month.

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