April 2, 2023

In an interview with Breitbart News, Brexit leader Nigel Farage described the Commonwealth as the most important group to fight the rise of the Chinese Communist Party because they share common values ​​and a common culture.

Farage spoke Breitbart News Global Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow wrote in Breitbart News Daily this week about Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and the future of the British monarchy under King Charles III.

“Our monarchy unites the left and the right, the globalists and the nationalists. In a very strange way, the hereditary monarchy underpins our democracy and our freedoms in extraordinary ways,” Farage said.

He went on to say that he believed King Charles III was solemn and honest in his commitment to his duties as monarch, saying: “I have to say we have to admire his hard work over the past few days so far. . . , how dignified he is, and as long as he keeps his word, he can still be a good king.”

According to Farage, the reign of King Charles III was important not only for British citizens or the other Commonwealth countries for which he was head of state (Canada, Australia and New Zealand, etc.), but also for the United States and the United Kingdom.The rest of the world, as the king becomes head of state of the wider Commonwealth – 56 nations from around the world, mostly former territories of the British Empire, representing about 2.5 billion people.

“[P]If the Commonwealth stays close to their shared values ​​in common law, shared history, and the many cultures we share, it could be the most important organization in the world against the rise of the Chinese Communist Party, and it matters to us that we, this It’s important to you,” Farage said.

The former MEP, speaking after Queen Elizabeth II died before her funeral, said the British public’s reaction showed “the best of Britain”.

“[W]Tonight I saw people lining up on the south bank of the Thames to pay their respects and I really, really, really believe we’re seeing the best of Britain. It’s all been done in our own, fairly modest way, but it’s been done brilliantly and the response has been overwhelming,” he said.

“If we don’t know how special our system is, if we don’t know how admirable our country is in the rest of the world — think about it, even in America under Biden, the flag is only half-flying — The masts are on all U.S. government buildings and military bases. Even in the European Union, flags are at half-staff. This is a truly global event,” he said the day before.

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