June 7, 2023

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key data

  • Average daily trading volume fell by 15.2% in August.
  • Average gas prices on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) rose by 4.4% in August compared to July.
  • The total number of unique active wallets increased by 19.6%.

BSC Transaction Statistics

Average daily BSC trading volume fell by 15.2%.

The average BSC transaction volume in August was 3,212,922. The average BSC volume in July was 3,702,301 transactions. Compared with July, the average transaction volume in August fell by 15.2%.

Average daily trading volume of BSC

On August 1, 2022, the highest daily transaction volume on Binance Smart Chain in August was 3,724,440 transactions. A minimum of 2,595,450 transactions were confirmed on August 21, 2022.

Binance Smart Chain Daily Transaction Volume in August 2022

BSC Block Statistics

Average daily BSC blocks decreased by 1.6%.

The average daily number of BSC blocks in July was 28,729, and the average daily number of BSC blocks in August was 28,193. Average daily blocks on Binance Smart Chain decreased by 1.6% in August.

Average number of blocks per day between BSC April– August 2022

In July, the average size of all blocks verified by Binance Smart Chain in the previous day was 0.99 Gb. In August, the value fell to 0.86 Gb, a decrease of 15.1%.

Average size of blocks mined per day by BSC in April– August 2022

The total monthly block size of BSC shows a similar trend. It can be seen that the total monthly block size of Binance Smart Chain in August 2022 is 26.53 Gb. In July 2022, the volume was 30.63 Gb, a decrease of 15.5%.

Total block size per month between BSC April– August 2022

BSC Natural Gas Price Statistics

Average BSC gas prices rose 4.4%.

The average gas price on Binance Smart Chain in July was 6.89 gwei. It rose 4.4% to 7.21 gwei in August.

BSC monthly average gas price in Gwei during April– August 2022

The highest gas price set in August was on August 29, 2922, when it reached 8.68 gwei. The minimum gasoline price fixed in August is August 13, 2022, equivalent to 6.64 gwei.

BSC Average Gas Price in Gwei Aug 2022

BSC Active Address Statistics

In August, the total number of unique active wallets increased by 19.6%.

In July, the average number of daily active addresses on Binance Smart Chain was 905,405. In August, the number fell 7.9% to 839,052.

Average daily active addresses of BSC in April– August 2022

The total number of only active crypto wallets in July was 7,354,819. In August, the value rose 19.6% to 9,146,225. In July, the average number of uniquely active crypto wallets per day was 871,973.

In August, the value fell 19.2% to 798,559.

Monthly BSC active wallets between April– August 2022

data-driven conclusions

The overall activity of Binance Smart Chain continues to decline.However, we are seeing a slight increase in the gas cost of the Binance Smart Chain network And an increase in the total number of unique active wallets.

At the same time, the number of unique active addresses on an average day has decreased. Metrics such as the number of new smart contracts deployed, transactions completed, and the average number of blocks per day continued to decline.

The data shows that the activity of the BSC network is decreasing, indicating that the bearish trend is continuing.

Olga Ortega is Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of the live DeFi explorer Analyzer Via HashEx. She is a seasoned expert in the IT field with over 12 years of experience in the development and implementation of large data systems. Over the years, Olga has held management positions in various global organizations, such as IT giants Google and Facebook. At AnalytEx, she is responsible for driving the development of the project.

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