April 1, 2023

According to a new blog post from Blizzard, World of Warcraft Dragon Warrior is getting some pretty significant changes. In the post, the WoW developers explained that they were happy with the placement of classes in the current popular MMORPG, but still needed to make changes for balance purposes.

The armored tank spec needs some nerfs before release, and Blizzard has tweaked a number of talent tree spells and explained why these changes were made.

Blizzard wrote that they were pleased with their performance in protecting the Warriors, but claimed that they “did a great job” leading to some changes. “We don’t plan to make major structural changes to the tree protecting the warriors, our goals for next week are mainly around bug fixes, tweaks, and making the lower left and right corners of the tree more attractive.”

This blog post Shows some nerfs to popular tank specs. Here are some of the most important changes:

  • revenge – Damage reduced to 53% (was 63%)
  • Shield Slam – Damage reduced to 80% (was 85%)
  • punish – Shield Slam deals 10% increased damage (was 20%)
  • tear – Initial damage reduced to 32% (was 64%), periodic damage reduced to 17% (was 23%)
  • enduring agility – Now grants 1% haste per level (was 2%)
  • focused energy – Now provides 1% crit chance per level (was 2%)
  • pioneer – Stamina increased by 30% (was 45%), Strength increased by 70% Armor value (was 100%), and damage taken reduced by 5% (was 15%)

Blizzard tried to nerf the protection, and it quickly became the most effective tank spec of all of Dragonflight, seemingly taking a toll on the nerfs of various abilities.

Protection is the most popular class due to the spec’s dynamic range of abilities in its class tree, which in turn gives them a plethora of damage spells, as well as the ability for protection to absorb large numbers of damage.

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