April 1, 2023

Donald Trump slammed New York Attorney General Letitia James after announcing a major lawsuit against him and his three children.

The former president responded on Truth Social, writing: “Another witch hunt for racist Attorney General Letitia James, who lost her gubernatorial run with virtually nil public support, now on the candidacy of Law & Order AG People are underperforming, respected Michael Henry”.

“I never thought I’d bring this case up – until I saw her poll numbers were really poor. Even though the city under her watch was one of the world’s scourges of crime and murder, she was a Liars campaigning on the Get Trump platform!” he added.

In a second post, Mr Trump added: “Attorney General Letitia ‘Hide and Seek’ James is a total crime-fighting disaster in New York and she spends all her time being very strong and representative Good sex banks and insurance companies that get paid in full., make a lot of money, never complain about me, instead of fighting murder and violent crime that is killing New York State.”

“She was a failed AG whose lack of talent in fighting crime caused record numbers of people and companies to flee New York. Goodbye!” he wrote.

“Today, I file a lawsuit against Donald Trump, alleging that he engaged in financial fraud for years to enrich himself, his family and the Trump Organization. There are no two sets of laws in this country that apply to people: the former president must comply with the Same standards for the average American,” Ms James tweeted on Wednesday.

“With the help of Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka and other defendants, Trump illegally inflated and reduced his net worth by billions of dollars in various ways to obtain and repay loans, obtain insurance benefits and Pay lower taxes. In short, he lied for a huge financial gain for himself,” she added.

Ms James tweeted that her investigation “found that Trump, his family and the Trump Organization used more than 200 fraudulent and misleading asset valuations in their annual financial statements over a 10-year period. These statements It was then used to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in loans and insurance.”

“Trump’s crimes were not without victims,” ​​she added. “When well-connected and powerful people break the law to get more money than they deserve, it reduces the resources available to working people, small businesses and taxpayers.”

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