April 2, 2023

Developer Volition’s Saints Row reboot launched at the end of August, but the game didn’t create the kind of buzz that parent company Embracer Group might have wanted.CEO Lars Wingefors at the company’s Annual General Meeting He wants a “greater acceptance” of the game, according to European players.

He added that the reception on New Saints Street was “polarized”. Wingefors added: “There are a lot of things to say and details. I’m happy to see a lot of gamers and fans happy. At the same time I’m a little sad to see fans aren’t happy either.”

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新的 Saints Row 在发布时存在一些错误和其他问题,Wingefors 表示会有修复和补丁。 最后,Wingefors 相信新的 Saints Row 将成为一个赚钱的人。

“我相信我们会在投资上赚钱。会不会 [been] Huge ROI like we’ve seen in many other games? Unlikely, but we’ll make money and it’s a good place to start,” he said.

As for whether the cold reception to the new Saints Row will affect the future of the series, Wingefors said he always wants each new entry in the series to be more successful than the last.It may not always be possible, but Wengerfors said, “What you do is…assess your position, the results…then [are] Hundreds of people are playing this game in the group…I still have a lot of trust in those people and I’m sure they will recommend something for the future. “

The new Saints Row might not have the strongest start, but it was still the second-best-selling game in the U.S. in August, behind Madden NFL 23.

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