March 24, 2023

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin was supposed to address the nation on Tuesday night.
  • Google searches for “how to get out of Russia” surged in Russia ahead of his expected address.
  • Putin is expected to declare “martial law” and “mobilization,” the latter of which he announced Wednesday morning.

Ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s expected address to the nation on Tuesday night, Google search The Russian phrase “how to leave Russia” surged in the country.

Search peaks around 6pm Moscow time, According to the telegraph Channel Mozhem Obyasnit, first marked the growth.

Putin was supposed to speak on Tuesday night, but postponed it until Wednesday morning. He then announced a partial military mobilization of 300,000 reservists who would be called up to fight in Ukraine.

Ahead of his expected speech on Tuesday, Russian lawmakers have pass legislation Around “martial law” and “mobilization,” this may prompt a Google just Second most visited The Russian search engine behind Yandex.

exist A tweet mentioned Google searches surged, with Ukraine’s Defense Ministry tweeting: “Russians have a 12-hour break, so Google can answer all questions, including what is the average life expectancy of Russian soldiers in Ukraine.”

In occupied Ukrainian territory, Russian-backed officials are also planning a “referendum” for Russia’s annexation of the territory. lead people further Believing Putin plans to escalate the war, Latvian news site Medusa reports.

The same search for how to get out of Russia soars in the country late february After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there is still early March.

In addition to the surge in Google searches for how to get out of the country, there has also been a surge in demand for outbound tickets. Flights to places like Istanbul and Yerevan in Turkey and Armenia have been sold out. Turkey and Armenia are among the few countries that allow Russians to enter visa-free.

According to Mozhem Obyasnit, Most searches Leaving Russia is “of interest to residents of the Khabarovsk region bordering China”.

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