April 1, 2023

Rainbow Six Siege had a few different crossovers at the time.see this spring Ricky and Morty Skins appeared in the game, and a pair of Yakuza skins were added for the summer. Now it looks like WWE is getting involved with its own dynamic duo.

Rainbow Six Siege leaker Lungu R6 shares some screenshots of wrestlers Undertaker and Becky Lynch on the telegram. Undertaker is named Blackbeard’s new skin, Lynch is listed as Thorn. Ubisoft has yet to officially announce the pair, but the screenshots are telling.we embed a post england Below is one of Lungu’s screenshots for you to see for yourself. It’s unclear when these skins will actually appear in Rainbow Six Siege, but the next major WWE hit is November’s Survivor series. If they were going to coincide with an event, that would be a good choice.

This year has seen some crossovers from WWE. July saw three outfits coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The collection also features the Undertaker, along with Xavier Woods and Asuka. Meanwhile, WWE superstar John Cena also joined Fortnite. WWE has a huge roster, so there’s plenty of room for more wrestlers to appear in other future matches. Pray for Doink the Joker in God of War: Ragnarok.

The newest addition to Rainbow Six: Siege is Year 7 Season 3, known as Brutal Swarm. This adds Operator Grim to the tactical shooter; his signature technology is the Kawan Hive launcher, which sends attacking robots that track enemy locations. He can use a 552 Commando Assault rifle or an SGC2B shotgun as his primary weapon, both of which complement his high speed. Brutal Swarm also brings changes to the game that affect EMP grenades and recoil.

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