June 7, 2023

NEW YORK — Prince William spoke on Wednesday about his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, in his first statement since the monarch’s funeral earlier this week.

In a pre-recorded speech, the Prince of Wales addressed an audience at the 2022 Earthshot Innovation Summit in New York City, calling environmentalism “a cause on my grandmother’s mind”.

“While this is the saddest situation, which means I can’t meet you in person today, I’m excited to be joining you on video,” he said.

“In this sad time, I am very grateful for your continued enthusiasm, optimism and commitment to the Earthshot Awards and what we are trying to achieve,” said William, who launched the Environmental Awards at the turn of 2019-2020.

“Conserving the environment is my grandmother’s greatest concern and I know she will be delighted to hear about this event,” the royal added, noting that he and Kate Middleton are “very delighted to be in Boston in December and we are looking forward to it. See you soon” Award Ceremony.

The Prince of Wales delivered a pre-recorded message at the Earth Prize Innovation Summit on Wednesday.
The Prince of Wales delivered a pre-recorded message at the Earth Prize Innovation Summit on Wednesday.

Earthshot Award/Bloomberg Philanthropies

William was due to attend Wednesday’s event in person before Elizabeth’s death on September 8

The royal family is still observing the mourning period, which will last seven days after the Queen’s funeral. According to Hannah Jones, despite the royal mourning period, it was “very symbolic” that the prince was still present at the event virtually. Earthshot Awards CEO.

“Obviously it’s been a very, very difficult time for him and his family, but I think you should consider it very symbolic and the first thing he did after mourning for the country was to be involved here ,” Jones told The Huffington Post at the Plaza Hotel where the summit was held.

“It’s the Queen’s legacy — Her Majesty, his grandmother. It’s his grandfather’s legacy,” Jones said, referring to the late Prince Philip.

“It’s his father’s [King Charles III] Has been doing what he is doing now. They take the long view. Prince William is looking at generations to come,” she added, describing the Prince of Wales as “highly engaged, committed and positive” and a “huge source of energy” for the people of Earthshot.

Jones’ comments echo those of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. His organization, Bloomberg Philanthropies, partnered with Earthshot to host the summit to “drive impact around system-changing climate solutions.”

Bloomberg said he had recently spoken to members of the royal family and knew “how much he wanted to be here today”.

“But there is no better way to commemorate the extraordinary life of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, than to gather here to support the work he is leading on an issue that means so much to her,” he said to applause, adding Called the global initiative “a testament to Queen Elizabeth’s legacy”.

“I know that both Prince William and King Charles are determined to continue this legacy,” he added.

The Earthshot Prize is named and inspired by former President John F. Kennedy’s famous moon landing in the 1960s.

The Prince of Wales and Prince of Wales attended the 2021 Earthshot Awards in London on October 17.
The Prince of Wales and Prince of Wales attended the 2021 Earthshot Awards in London on October 17.

Samir Hussein via Getty Images

The Prince’s Environmental Rewards program “aims to inspire change and help repair our planet over the next decade”. Five winners are awarded £1 million ($1.1 million) annually for their innovative solutions and ideas.

The 2022 awards ceremony will be held on December 2 in Boston in partnership with the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, Mayor Michelle Wu and the city itself.

Actor Matt Damon from Boston, speaking at the New York summit, touted his hometown’s sustainability efforts, calling it “America’s greatest city.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Mayor,” Damon said, turning to Bloomberg and smiling, adding: ” [Boston Red] Sox’s performance is terrible. I have something to say. ”

Earthshot Prize CEO Jones said in the summit’s opening remarks that the December event will be an “sustainably produced awards ceremony featuring some of the biggest names in music, activism and entertainment”.

She said the group is aware of its footprint and will work to mitigate its impact at the awards ceremony.

“We’re not going to be perfect. No one is perfect. It’s a journey of sustainability: it’s a journey of progress,” she added. “But our goal is always to make sure we incorporate sustainable thinking into everything we do.”

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