April 2, 2023

A popular Nova Valley mod adds an expansive new roguelike mode to the game of life. The mod, aptly named Stardew Valley Roguelike mod, introduces a more powerful element of combat to the valley, or more specifically, the newly expanded mineshaft and the massive new enemies that await you underground element.

The Stardew Valley mod is an expansion pack that adds custom floor layouts, difficulty scaling and custom rewards, as well as 10 large bosses and floors with “unique” challenges. The original Stardew Valley Mine was where you went to slap some slimes around and dig up valuable treasure, but the focus was directly on the treasure. Unlike the upcoming haunted chocolate shop with giant bees and other beasts, combat is more of a hindrance than a feature.

The Stardew Valley Roguelike mod has some caveats though, the creators, taylor and hubb, it is recommended not to use other mods. So no Stardew Valley Expanded, dating mods, or any of the valley’s naughty mods, unless you want mines to collapse.

The mod is still under construction, and Tyler and Haboo are working on other features and listening to players’ suggestions to make it even better. A popular suggestion is for players to save loadouts so they don’t have to restart the character creation process every time they start a new run.

Expect more changes in the coming days as the mod is still in its early stages. It launched on September 11, and since then, 40,000 people have viewed it and 5,000 people have downloaded it. Overall, that’s an impressive number, but even more so after just one week of life.

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