April 2, 2023

Hello and welcome back faira podcast about the business of startups, in which we unravel the numbers and nuances behind the title.

Here’s our Wednesday show where we just focus on one topic, think about one question, and unpack the rest. this week, Natasha ask: What is breaking into venture capital like today, and how has it changed? Alex and Becca Jump on the mic to discuss this and start with an update on our latest column: “4 Perspectives on Unpaid Startup Internships.”

  • We discussed three risk entry points: traditional routes, new waves, and tourism strategies. Each has its own pros and cons, and includes everything from rolling funds to the true definition of a partnership.
  • We’ve also covered more about the value of certain ramps and whether the network is suitable for destruction (or if it’s based on more track records)
  • We try not to syndicate too much with the Dorm Room Fund, but do chat about why their $12.5 million pro bono student-managed fund pisses us off, and other moves we think are better for those trying to break into VCs .
  • For more stories on this topic, read our series of reports:

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