March 24, 2023

Minecraft maps are often a great way to learn more about the world. Minecraft: Education Edition has recently started rolling out maps that not only help players find new activities in the game, but also provide opportunities to explore historical moments, or find a way to learn about important things like climate action.

The latest example of these maps is Latin Explorers: Hispanic Heritage Tour, which shows some important people who represent the power of community and other things. However, we also saw a map of Nobel Peace Prize winners and even a map of mangrove restoration projects. They’re both great ways to learn new things, and this new map is just as important.

Made in partnership with BBC Earth, Minecraft: Frozen Planet 2 is designed to take players through the harsh environments of the Arctic and Antarctic and introduce them to the unique ecosystems that exist there. The teaser video below just shows off the penguins – but honestly, does anyone else need it?

The map itself will be released on September 21st and will likely be free on the Minecraft Marketplace and also playable in the Education Edition. We’re not sure if David Attenborough was involved, but he’s a living legend; so even if he wasn’t, none of these things could have happened without him leading the charge and providing a great voice for such documentaries.

If you’re looking for your own snow to settle in, you should be able to find one on our list of the best Minecraft seeds. If you want to become more sociable, there are also a bunch of cool Minecraft servers to explore.

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