April 1, 2023

A French mayor and member of the National Rally (RN) for populist Marine Le Pen expressed anger after demanding police protection from a wedding over threats from a man recently released from prison.

National rally politician and Beauquere mayor Julian Sanchez took to social media to denounce France’s “lax judiciary”, claiming he needed a police escort of around 15 police officers to safely attend a recent wedding after he received a Threats to a freed person. Released from prison in early summer.

“About 15 police officers, including the national police, simply decided to terrorize the residents of several communes in Gard and Bouches-du-Rhone, simply because a man was released from prison at the beginning of the summer,” said Sanchez, French broadcaster Bleu Report.

According to Sanchez, the man was linked to the shooting of a man in Tarascon and the attacks of several in Nimes, Bagnoles and Beauquere. He is said to have even fired a Kalashnikov rifle at a building occupied by a family in Bokell, one of whose sons was the groom to Sanchez’s wedding.

“I have a question: What is Emmanuel Macron doing? What is [Justice Minister] What is Eric Dupont-Moretti doing?what is [Interior Minister] What is Gérald Darmanin doing? […] They do nothing. Mobilize and hold accountable those who govern us. They exist for this and they owe us safety,” he said.

Growing insecurity remains a major problem in France and has been for several years, with a 2017 survey showing that 59% of the French public feel unsafe anywhere in the country, while 69% said They believe the police and gendarmerie are understaffed.

Insecurity and urban violence are so rampant across France that a letter signed by 20 former French generals and 1,000 active-duty and former soldiers warns that if the government does not act on growing crime trends and other security concerns, such as Islamic extremism.

“As we have seen, now is no longer the time to delay. Otherwise, tomorrow, the civil war will end this growing chaos and the dead for which you will be responsible will be in the thousands,” the letter said. said in.

After the letter, a poll found that nearly half of French people would support a military intervention to restore security to France, even if the government at the time did not ask them to do so. Another 86% said they believed French laws did not apply everywhere in France.

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