June 7, 2023

Eight minutes of new gameplay for the upcoming horror game contempt Published to give you your first puzzle.

In this introductory sequence, you will become familiar with the characters you will guide through the biological maze.

defiance prologue game walkthrough

The game doesn’t help as you go deep into the game world, equipping yourself with strange tools and solving creepy puzzles that “only hint at what’s to come.”

As you travel through this nightmarish world, you’ll learn the rules and master the puzzles without any guidance while learning about the character you’re guiding.

You may survive by uncovering secrets and collecting biomechanical tools used by the civilization formerly known as the world’s home.

Scorn is coming to PC and Xbox Series X/S on October 21st, and you’ll be able to get it through day one on the Epic Games Store, GOG, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass.

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