June 7, 2023

Kojima Productions is working with NASA, but they’re not making games. is for the watch.

Announced today, Space Ludens watches are made by watch designers unicorn Based on the visual style of Kojima’s mascot, it also incorporates design elements from the NASA logo.

“ANICORN is proud to present a once-in-a-lifetime collaborative timepiece – SPACE LUDENS, an epic partnership inspired by Ludens to promote creativity, imagination and play in a culture,” they said via Twitter.

It may have been an unexpected collaboration, but the watch itself looks cool, and the designers tapped Kojima and NASA styles in unmistakable ways.

“ANICORN designed SPACE LUDENS with KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, using the NASA logo as one of the design themes,” they revealed. “This fits perfectly with the concept of ‘bringing fun to the unknown universe.'”

This timepiece is inspired by the creative out-of-car activity suit worn by Kojima’s mascot, Ludens. Anicorn explained that the mascot was designed by Yoji Shinkawa based on the idea of ​​astronauts exploring digital space.

“We are Homo Ludens,” they added. “We’re the ones who play.”

The Kojima x NASA watch will be available on September 27, 2022. This isn’t Kojima’s first announcement after announcing a new podcast at Gamescom last month. However, a new trailer seems to suggest that Elle Fanning will be joining Kojima for…something.

Whether this is an upcoming new game remains to be seen. But I think we can rule out her involvement in the design of this Kojima watch. Currently. More details on the upcoming timepiece will be revealed in a few days, but what happened to Kojima and Fanning remains a mystery.

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