March 24, 2023

“House of the Dragon” is exactly the kind of mega-hit HBO hoped it would be, riding high on Game of Thrones nostalgia and returning to a time when the series was just fine. The numbers reflect that.

according to type, “House of the Dragon” is getting slower and slower, but sure, right now, the show has an average of 29 million viewers per episode over its first five episodes. What does this mean in context?

Those are monster numbers for any premium cable show, and compared to its predecessor series, the 29 million viewers were more than triple the 9.3 million that HBO said the first season of Game of Thrones averaged. Of course, that was ten years ago, there’s less and less to see, and this series is just right. But even taking that into account, 29 million isn’t far off the 46 million average for Game of Thrones’ final season 8.

Here’s how Game of Thrones’ average viewership has progressed over time:

  • Season 1 – 9.3 million
  • Season 2 – 11.6 million
  • Season 3 – 14.4 million
  • Season 4 – 19.1 million
  • Season 5 – 20.2 million
  • Season 6 – 25.7 million
  • Season 7 – 32.8 million
  • Season 8 – 46 million

So House of Dragons got a free pass to skip all the way to Game of Thrones season 7, apparently due to being in the same universe and the desire for more, i.e. wanting the world to be fun and interesting again Good, unlike the last few seasons of non-book adaptations of the main show.

We don’t know exactly what HBO’s plans for “House of the Dragon” are, but it appears to have at least one more season. From the source material, this set of characters has a very specific, hard ending, but there’s also some talk of the show turning into an anthology of Targaryen, following the mad family through other points in time, in several other century.

And, apparently, HBO still has more spin-off shows in the works, although which ones will end up still unclear, as HBO has shown a willingness to kill anything they don’t believe in, like the old Valyria in “Dragon” The House” replaced the previously axed show. The most intriguing is the concept of a Jon Snow-led sequel, which was proposed by Kit Harrington himself, as it was the only one that actually came up after the original series aired project.

But yes, House of the Dragon’s high ratings here could mean more seasons, and more Thrones spinoffs. stay tuned.

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