March 24, 2023


It’s hard to believe this is only five years in Fortnite. What a birthday.

We’re just a few days away from the 5th birthday of Fortnite’s battle royale mode. All will start at 9AM EST on Friday, September 23rd. Really, it’s crazy that the battle royale genre has been that long and hasn’t been that long since it took off like a rocket. Enough, it’s time to celebrate! Wish there was a cake!

Who are we kidding? And of course, cake! Players who complete the special in-game quest for the 5th Birthday event will receive three cosmetic gifts.

Those cake-themed gifts are:

  • Fuzzfetti cake with bling on the back
  • Celebrating Slicing Picks
  • Glitter cake emoticon

These aren’t the only cakes and gifts coming to Fortnite, either.

During the Birthday Celebration, the Battle Bus will fly in a new birthday livery. After thanking the bus driver for dropping you off at your favorite POI, find a birthday present on the island filled with high-end loot, as well as a delicious, restorative birthday cake.

Given that it will never be a party without balloons, the unique crossing will not be opened during the event.

The festivities will run until September 27th at 9AM EST, with plenty of time to earn your cake (and eat it too).

Fortnite is also hosting another Fotography event, and they want you to get the best screenshots during the event (posted on social media with the hashtag #FNBR5), and the best screenshots will be in an upcoming blog post!

Twitter @FortniteGame on Instagram and Fortnite will also be posting trivia for players to show everyone their Fortnite knowledge.

If you’re looking for other party fun in Fortnite, check out this creative map based on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

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