June 7, 2023

When we met Cassian Andor in the Star Wars spinoff Rogue One, he was a complete mystery. What we can be sure of is that he has been fighting the Empire since he was six years old. This is about to change. A new Star Wars series, five years before Rogue One, is all about Andor. The new show fleshes out the character and provides a deeper look at his life on the planet Felix. In the first three episodes alone, we meet his friends, foes and family, including his adoptive mother Maarva, played by Fiona Shaw.

“She’s very much like Felix’s daughter,” Shaw told Total Film about her character. “She’s actually a member of a group called the Daughters of Felix, and they’re like a community of women who are very upholding the moral standing of the planet. So she’s a very respectable person and a very senior and when we saw her on the series, she was already not very well.”

Much of what we know about Maarva comes from flashbacks. We see her feeding on a crashed spaceship on Cassian’s home planet of Kennelly. “She and her husband traveled around the planets collecting metal shards from spaceships,” Shaw explained. “You suddenly realize that all of this can be similar to Detroit in the ’70s, where people were recycling scraps of cars. So they’re recyclers, and there’s a part of people from another era who’s reusing the world. She’s a very anonymous People. I don’t think she’s a big ego, she’s a big-hearted person. And she certainly has a great moral compass, which I think has become very, very important in this particular season.”

Fiona Shaw and Diego Luna in Andor

(Image credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Much of Star Wars revolves around the father-son relationship, but Andor brings a strong, multi-faceted mother-son bond to the galaxy. Shaw sees Maarva as part of a long tradition that began with two complex women in Greek mythology, both of whom she has played before.

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