April 1, 2023

The game was formerly known as eSports Boxing Club (ESBC) officially changed to undisputedaccording to a YouTube video starring studio head Ash Habib, posted on the game’s official account.

The game has also changed how it handles across all social media platforms.

A video detailing the name change and the reasoning behind it can be found below:

As Habib said, the original title of the game can feel a little confusing. While esports has taken off and become one of the most successful areas of the video game industry, the term is only associated with competitive gaming.

As esports become more defined, unless a competitive gaming crowd is the only target, it may not be in the best interest of the publisher to release a game that includes the term in the title.

The undisputed goal is to feed the esports crowd, but not quite. The game showcases an extensive build fighter kit, huge roster and career mode. It appears that Undisputed’s plan is to provide a more complete boxing experience for fans of competitive gaming, casual players, and those interested in a more realistic but single-player journey.

The biggest question about Undisputed is when it will be released. We still don’t have a specific date, and many fans are anxious and frustrated by the lack of information on this. Over the past decade, boxing video game fans have seen projects like this come and go without an actual release.

Since its initial announcement, the project has grown significantly and attracted considerable attention.

Undisputedly no longer a small standalone project, the developers of Steel City may be waiting for the right push to take it to the next level. It is doubtful that a deal with Canelo Alvarez, Terence Crawford, Tyson Fury, Todd Grisham and others will be passed by the board without a formal release.

stay tuned.

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