March 24, 2023

When Bungie gave Destiny 2 players their first look at the upcoming Lightfall expansion at a recent showcase event, there were many surprises in the game’s next chapter, but perhaps nothing beats the inclusion of new sacks The ability to hold is even more surprising. Destiny games have always put a lot of emphasis on traversal and mobility, especially for first-person shooters, but the inclusion of grapples looks like it’s going to change the feel of the whole game.

The showcase primarily showcases the grapple used in Neomuna, and the new location Lightfall will be added to Destiny 2 when it releases in February, but eagle-eyed fans will find suggestions that you can also use it in existing content. In an interview with GameSpot, game director Joe Blackburn and general manager Dan McAuliffe confirmed that, in fact, you can use grapples anywhere in Destiny 2.

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然而,在《命运 2》的其余部分中让抓斗在不破坏游戏的情况下发挥作用一直是一个挑战,麦考利夫开玩笑说让他夜不能寐。

“部分目标是添加一些突破界限并改变你与新内容和现有内容交互的方式的东西,”麦考利夫说。 “我很高兴看到不同类型内容中沙盒的变化。是否有不同的方法来解决任务中的陷阱或突袭中的谜题或其他类似的东西?是吗?挑战?当然,但我认为这种可能性空间值得冒险。

擒抱是 Lightfall 加入游戏的新“Strand”能力集的一部分,就像 Beyond Light 扩展中添加的冰冻停滞能力一样,它们将极大地扩展玩家的能力。 Strand 背后的想法是,它是一种无形的宇宙网,编织在宇宙中,一个超越命运宇宙的人们可以感知的维度。 因为 Strand 无处不在,这意味着你可以在任何地方使用抓钩——而且你可以在任何时候使用抓钩抓住宇宙网,基本上将你的抓钩固定在稀薄的空气中以允许秋千。

很容易看出格斗如何改变玩家与命运 2 世界的互动方式,这个世界充满了平台谜题和位置,使移动与射击一样重要。 Destiny 2 的玩家对玩家游戏玩法也严重依赖于动作,使其与其他第一人称射击游戏区分开来; 有些班级可以在空中漂浮和滑翔,或者在战斗中三连跳。 添加类似蜘蛛侠的移动能力有可能显着改变玩家处理这些情况的方式,并且命运 2 的所有三个角色类别都可以使用擒抱能力。


Blackburn 解释说,虽然 Bungie 想要突破玩家在移动和平台方面的能力,但工作室不希望抓斗成为实际的游戏方式,取代所有其他选项。 所以实际上,抓斗取代了玩家的手榴弹能力,这意味着你需要考虑使用它的成本。

“显然我们喜欢根据什么来玩冷却 [ability] plug in a [loadout], but it’s not going to be something where you try to find a PvP guy and be like, ‘Well, they just fought 20 times in a row, and I don’t think I’ll ever see that guy again,'” Blackburn said. ” Think about the ways you could make the craft into something if you liked fighting a lot, or you could say, ‘No, I just like to use it on a regular basis. I also want to incorporate craft into other things. “

So while Bungie wants to make grapples an interesting addition to the existing Destiny 2 world, the team is also working hard to prevent this ability from dominating the game as a whole. However, as Stasis remains an essential part of the Europa experience, expect Strand to be important to Neomuna’s story and landscape. There, you can expect to see holes in the reality of Strand entering our world, which could allow players to better exploit elements like grapples. Non-competitive players of the game will lean more towards the fantasy of using Strand’s abilities for the environmental aspect, making it a larger part of the level and environment design. Expect a point you can grab to reset its cooldown instantly, allowing you to swipe it multiple times in a row, Blackburn said.

Blackburn and McAuliffe say that Bungie is trying to capture the feel of an action hero with Lightfall as you fight in a new cityscape. They say Strand and Grab are part of creating that feeling, while also expanding on the rest of Destiny 2’s world.

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“I think ‘why fight’ and it came from the team really looking at, ‘Well, you need to make a damage type that’s both evoking in this blockbuster action fantasy but also forever in our crazy side fantasy game exist,'” Blackburn said.

“Stalling is another big issue, ‘Oh my god, what’d you put in the game. ‘Can you freeze stuff?'” he continued. “Of course there was a tough landing there, but we’ve got to a place now, ‘Oh yeah, of course you can freeze things in fate.’ That’s just part of the game. We want to make sure we always, especially for new The type of damage that pushes fate to say, ‘Hey, let’s do something unique.'”

Lightfall is scheduled to be released in February 2023. For more, read how Bungie wants Destiny 2: Lightfall to feel like Blade Runner meets Independence Day.

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