April 1, 2023

Jury shown video of Alex Jones mocking Sandy Hook parents

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ second defamation trial continues in Connecticut as conspiracy theorist confronts families of victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting he claims was a hoax broadcast to millions of viewers .

Jones appeared outside the courthouse on Tuesday morning and gave a brief statement to reporters, calling Judge Barbara Bellis a “tyrant.” He did the same at lunchtime on Wednesday, lashing out at the media’s portrayal of the progress of his company’s bankruptcy trial.

He is now expected to testify on Thursday. In earlier testimony, the jury saw how Jones’ audience grew exponentially in the wake of the tragedy, and the company’s revenue rose sharply.

Multiple videos showed Jones’ shocking claims about the shooting, including when he mocked the victim’s parents as “crisis actors” and presented completely false information about the events of the day.

Jurors will decide how much he should pay relatives of eight victims and FBI agents who responded to the scene of the 2012 massacre.


The court adjourned for a day.

Alex Jones is expected to testify tomorrow.


Video deposition: Robert Jacobson

The court has now seen the video testimony of Robert Jacobson, who worked for Alex Jones at Infowars.

Mr. Jacobson was subpoenaed and told the plaintiffs’ lawyers that he would testify if no one was there.

He wanted people to know that Jones and his writers were not doing legitimate journalism and that what happened to the Sandy Hook family would have repercussions.


Ms Henshell told the jury she and her late husband had two children under 10 and she would have to explain it all to them one day.

She has to scan for danger alone, it’s all on her.

There was no cross-examination at the end of her testimony.


In the sidebar, agreed to clarify any questions about suicide that Ms. Henshell did not claim that Jones was responsible for her husband’s suicide.


Sandy Hook trial judge jokes she’ll ‘call in sick’ when Infowars host testifies

Judge in Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook defamation trial joked she would “call in sick” when far-right conspiracy theorists came forward to testify.

The lively exchange unfolded in a Connecticut courtroom on Wednesday in a sidebar between Judge Barbara Bellis and Mr. Jones’ attorney, Norm Pattis.


When her husband committed suicide in 2019, his death became part of a wider conspiracy theory.

When she began to explain, she was told that people were searching for his grave in the cemetery, and the defense team and Bian Bar raised objections.


Ms Hensel recalled another girl at Sandy Hook who looked like Avielle and was her reading buddy but was a few years older.

After her daughter died, another girl was included in the prank, claiming that Avielle was alive and one of the children who sang at the Super Bowl as a member of the Sandy Hook chorus.


Hensels has set up a foundation dedicated to neuroscience to study “what makes someone violent and what protects someone from becoming violent”.

Studying the biology of violence was a novel idea at the time, and the couple worked together.

Initially, they had a lot of support, but they were also accused of being fraudsters trying to deceive the American public in some emails.

Then they got word that their daughter was still alive. Then she never existed, they were actors.

The couple tried to ignore it.


After that day, she remembers living near the many funerals in the town’s main highway, where cars and processions can be seen passing by.

Ms Hensel said she had heard from other families who had their children’s funerals first that “the media was ruthless” and those who showed up thought it was a hoax.

“We did our best not to say publicly” the location and time of the funeral, she said.

In January 2013, they found out more about the scam without realizing they were part of it.


Ms. Hensel talks about meeting her husband, their marriage, and having Avielle into their lives.

On the day of the Sandy Hook tragedy, they were going to let her go home from school and take her to see the Rockettes. Because there was an activity at school that morning, she went there in the morning.

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