June 7, 2023

  • Former Fox News editor Chris Strawater criticized the network in an excerpt from his new book.
  • He accused the network of inciting “black helicopter-level paranoia and hatred” among viewers.
  • Stirewalt said he was fired after defending a prediction that Joe Biden would win Arizona in 2020.

Former Fox News political editor Chris Strawater accuses network of inciting bigotry and hatred in excerpt from his new book Sunday in the New York Times.

Sterewalt said he was fired by Fox News after he aired defending Fox News’ decision to call Arizona in the 2020 election. It was a pivotal moment on election night, angering former President Donald Trump, who unsuccessfully tried to get the usually staunchly supportive network to withdraw his call.

A network representative told Insider in January 2021 that Strewalt had parted ways with them as part of a restructuring process.

In his memoir, Strywalt said the network had played a key role in the radicalization of the U.S. right, accusing it of spreading “black helicopter-level bigotry and hatred,” according to the Times.

During Trump’s tenure, the network gave viewers what they wanted to hear, he said in the book, sparking a storm of criticism from Republicans he encountered after the Arizona conference call.

“Even in the four years since the last presidential election, Fox viewers have become more accustomed to flattery and less willing to hear news that challenges their expectations,” he wrote. The ice cream audience was offering green beans, and it was a terrible shock to their system.”

In the book, he reserved particular criticism for Tucker Carlson, often the network’s most-watched host, who has long fanned conspiracy theories and pushed white nationalist talking points.

“Carlson was rich and famous,” Strewalt wrote. “However, he often complained about ‘big traditional media’. Guests denounced ‘corporate media’ on his show and Fox’s CEO called Carlson ‘brave’ to discuss controversial topics. But somehow no one even giggled .”

He added: “It doesn’t take any journalistic guts to be able to say exactly what your audience wants to hear, night after night.”

Contrary to popular belief, he said, Fox News hyped the prospects of Republican candidates in the election not because it necessarily wanted them to win, but because it boosted ratings and increased profits.

In a statement to Insider, a Fox News spokesperson countered his claims, saying “Chris Streetwater’s quest for relevancy is unending.” She questioned his leaving the network’s call with Arizona It said Arnon Mishkin, the head of the decision-making desk during the 2020 elections, will also be in charge of the November midterm elections.

Since parting ways with Fox News, Strewalt has been openly critical of the network and Testify before a House committee Investigate the 6 January riots in June.

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